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Black pearls are a treasure of the sea and a highly valued treasure indeed. Black pearls are utilized in the creation of beautiful jewelry that is quite uncommon and beautiful to behold. is a virtual showcase of fine black pearl necklaces, black pearl pendants, black pearl earrings, black pearl rings, and black pearl cuff links. 

No longer is it necessary to tie a big rock to yourself, take a deep breath and plunge deep into the depths of the south pacific ocean pick oysters and hope you got a black pearl and not just an appetizer. Some say oysters have aphrodisiac properties and allows for longer lovemaking. It is probably why they live so deep in the ocean these days and folks tie big stones to themselves to get at them. Enough south sea legend for now, black pearls are quite rare, have a beautiful luster unique to themselves and make stunning heirloom quality jewelry. 

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If you own black pearl jewelry then you know. If you would like to display a photo of selected jewelry in the Gallery email a good quality pic and we will include it, please include photo credits to the photographer and a description of the piece of jewelry or black pearl art. 

If you make or sell black pearl jewelry and would like to display your selection, we would be honored to include selected styles in the Showcase. - Your black pearl jewelry online showcase of fine black pearl necklaces, black pearl rings, black pearl bracelets, black pearl pins, black pearl brooches, black pearl earrings, black pearl earrings. Shop for the black pearls of your dreams.

The world renowned Emerald is May's birthstone, and is also part of the beryl family. Emerald rates 7.5 on the Mohs scale.The ancients believed the emerald brought eternal hope, spiritual rebirth, love and intelligence.Emerald is recommended for 20th and 35th wedding anniversary gifts. Derived from the Latin word "smaragdus", emeralds are mined in Colombia, Russia, Australia and the U. S.. Most of the Emeralds on the market today are treated with oil to fill in the surface cracks. That's why you should not clean emerald jewelry with harsh cleaners or place in an ultra sonic cleaner. The only other gifts to consider would be Emerald Earrings, Emerald Rings, Ruby Earrings, Ruby Rings; which we recommend the only store worth visiting for these gifts being WorldOfJewellery.


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